Jeff Winger Speeches→ 1x07, Pierce’s Bad Trip

Pierce: I’m old, Jeff.

Jeff: Pierce, I don’t know how you spent the first 60 years, but I know in the last two months, you’ve probably doubled the national average for amount of life lived per lifetime.

Pierce: Well, I do have a young African American friend.

Jeff: Yeah, and more importantly, you’re dressed like a gladiator in a desk fort that you built during a bad trip. If life is just a series of ridiculous attempts to be alive, you’re a hero to everything that’s ever lived.


Jeff: Okay, starting on my left with one, your number comes up, you go.
Abed: Just so you know Jeff, you are now creating six different timelines.
Jeff: Of course, I am, Abed.

Community: 3.04 - “Remedial Chaos Theory