Jim Rash’s body kind of looks like a swastika

you mean, like a windmill, right?

reminds me of s01e06 “the four disembodied heads… where is the heart? where is the sould?”

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“As of Season 3, my relationship with Community’s fans is the longest relationship I’ve ever had. It’s also the most successful, unless you go by ratings or awards.
I think the fans and I work well together because we began our relationship with TV instead of sex, so it always feels like the spark is still there. Also, we can never take each other for granted, because neither of us ever really knows if the other will be there next week.
We cherish every second we have together, which is easy for me, because our fans are the smartest, sweetest, most creative people in the world. They are the people who, in spite of their intelligence, believe, deep down, that humanity doesn’t give itself enough credit.
It was a terrible business decision to write a show for the “smart and nice” demographic. I may as well have written for three-legged unicorns. But this show stopped being about business the moment I saw my first Community fan video on YouTube.
And it wasn’t about business when the fans voted for us to be on the cover of TV Guide Magazine. They’ve been with our show for triumphs and they’ve been there when NBC asked us to cast Hilary Duff, and they’ve decided that the benefits are worth the risks.
That’s love. It’s definitely mutual. Our fans give my life an order and a value that it has never had before, and will never have again.
My therapist will be excited to see this article. I think she knows she can buy that house now.”

Dan Harmon, “A Community of Fans” TV Guide Magazine (via brittasbaggle)

So many feelings, really. All of them are tears.

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Jeff: Okay, starting on my left with one, your number comes up, you go.
Abed: Just so you know Jeff, you are now creating six different timelines.
Jeff: Of course, I am, Abed.

Community: 3.04 - “Remedial Chaos Theory